Andrijana Stankovic Velickov (vocals) was born in Nis in 1977. She possesses a voice of beauty and power, along with extraordinary agility, accurate intonation and supreme techniques. Her performances at International Jazz Festivals and World Music Festivals have made her a respected singer. She has performed at World Roma Festival Khamoro, International Jazz Festival Bansko, Nisville Jazz Festival, Respect Festival-Prague and at so many more. She is a singer with an incredibly versatile voice that brings emotions to life. The audience loves her energy and the way she shares it with her soulful voice. No one can stop the vibes this amazing woman creates because in short, this girl is on fire!

Daniel Kajmakoski (vocals) was born in Struga in 1983. Daniel has a charismatic personality, angelic vocal abilities and a tremendous singing talent. He triumphed at X Factor Adria 2014 and amazed both the jury and the audience with his brilliant performances. He won the music festival Skopje Fest 2014 and in 2015 he represented Macedonia at the Eurovision Song Contest with Autumn Leaves. He joined a diverse team of world-famous singers at the Grand Opening of the Men’s Handball World Championship 2015 in Doha. This multi-talented artist was also awarded the prestigious MTV BEST ADRIA ACT 2015 and the Daf Bama Music Award in Hamburg 2016. He sang along with Željko Joksimović, Tamara Todevska, and many more. He performed Samo za ljubav (Only for Love) as an opening act at John Newman’s concert in Skopje and Ne se vrakjas (You Are Not Coming Back) sung by famous Macedonian singer Karolina Goceva, made his breakthrough as a composer. Be it concert or event, Daniel leaves a permanent impression on the minds of his ever-increasing millions of fans all over the globe!

Hadzi Marko Dimitrijevic (keyboards, logistics and management) was born in Nis in 1980. He is a history teacher, still he often likes to say that he is the best musician among historians, but also the best historian among musicians, of course counting only the members of his band. He believes there are some excellent historians in the world who still play better. He got interested in music very early, and it was by chance that he stole the accordion of his younger brother and discovered the first tones and chords in the secret of his hideout. He has more than 15 years of experience in the events industry. He is one of the founders of the Blackberries band, and is in charge of arranging, organizing work and logistics. Marko is always hands-on with his band and clients, meticulous with details, and calm under any circumstance. These tenets have helped ensure that every performance is produced to the highest possible standards. Today, his clients remain loyal, highly sophisticated and independent people who are passionate about their parties, most especially about the creative performing concept. He is one of the main driving forces of the band.

Sasa Djordjevic - Bagzi (drums) was born in Pirot in 1987. Since his father is a drummer he got interested in drums in the early childhood. At the age of six, he started drumming classes with Zoran Stamenovic - Ring, a famous drummer from Pirot. When he was ten, he started performing with various folk music orchestras, and then he joined the cultural and artistic society from Pirot. He started playing in pop-rock bands when he was only fourteen, and the first in the series was the Epitaf, a symphonic rock band. His most important author bands were the Couriers (Kuriri) and the Big Bug with whom he recorded in the studio and went on a tour. He has also played with the Bad memory, Atidot, The Pirot drummers, Dual core, Vesko & Kuriri and Snežana Branković’s band. He has collaborated with numerous musicians in both Nis and Belgrade, among whom Nikola Vranjkovic especially stands out.

Milos Manic (guitar and tone) was born in Majdanpek in 1986, where he finished primary school and elementary music school, the department of piano. He graduated from the Music High School and the Faculty of Music Arts in Nis, where he still lives. He has been playing the guitar and singing in the Blackberries band since the founding in 2012. He works as a teacher at the elementary music school in Majdanpek.

Andrija Avramovic (bass guitar) was born in Leskovac in 1995. He graduated from the secondary art school in Nis, and is currently a student at the Faculty of Philosophy. Since he was nine, when he started learning how to play the piano. Soon he switched to bass guitar, mostly because of his interest in fusion and jazz music. He has worked with numerous bands, such as Marko Markovic & New Age band, Jazzbooka band and Error 404, as well as with soloists such as Bojana and Nikola Pekovic and Sara Mace. Andrija is a former member of the Naissus Youth Philharmonic, with whom he took part in many international competitions. For many years he performed at Nisville Jazz Festival, where he had the opportunity to work with both domestic and foreign performers. His most important performances are the concerts by Bojana and Nikola Peković at Marakana and the Sava Center. Since 2013 he has been a regular member of the Blackberries band.

Andrija Mincic (saxophone) was born in Nis in 1986. He graduated at the Faculty of Arts in Nis, after which he specialized in the department of chamber music. As a concert soloist, he has played at over 100 concerts both in the country and abroad (Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Switzerland, England, the Netherlands, France, Turkey, Portugal, Qatar ...). As a member of the international band Sinfoniet Sofia, he performed in Europe's most eminent halls such as Concert Gebow - Amsterdam, Palau de la Musica - Grand teatro de Liceu, L 'Audotorio - Barcelona, ​​L'Auditorio - Madrid, Victoria Hall - Geneva, Tonhalle - Zurich, St. Pauls, Covent Garden - London, Grand Hall - York. As a member of the international trio in cooperation with the Istanbul University professors he performed at the Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra, National Opera, Enka Music Hall. In 2013 he started working at the department of wind instruments at the Faculty of Art in Nis. He was awarded several times by the City of Nis. After completing his studies, he actively started playing the saxophone, and in a relatively short time he established cooperation with the leading bands in the region, playing in various formations (pop, funk, house, jazz, Big Band, fusion). He is also active as a studio musician, which brings together numerous collaborations with vocal, instrumental bands, DJs. He has been a regular member of the Blackberries band since 2014.